Have the homeless become really invisible? That we wouldn’t notice our own family members living on the street?

This project supported by the New York Rescue Mission asked some family members to pose as homeless people and had their unsuspecting relatives walk by past them. The revelation of this project was a very cold demonstration of how thick skinned we are.

The New Yorkers passed by the homeless people without batting an eyelid. And the reaction is amazingly captured when they realise that the people who pretended and posed as homeless on the sidewalks were their own family members!

The whole underlying idea behind this campaign was to make you stop judging and to change how you see the homeless.

By forcing to picture your loved ones suffering from the perils of poverty, this campaign hits hard and is shaming and telling the whole New York to change the way it looks at the homeless.

Watch this touching video and envision how your psyche would change the next time you walk by a homeless person.