November 7: Flirting over text is serious business. For the two people involved in this affair, their happiness depends on the sentiment conveyed via the little emoticons made up of bright yellow dots, displayed on the screens of their smartphones. Such is the state of current communication, especially among the youth, that text messaging has taken the proportions of a tedious pursuit, as young men and women spend hours together exchanging sweet nothings with each other or choosing potential partners, based on whether the other person’s ‘texting game’ is strong or not. All India Backchod has spotted the hilarity of this ‘game’ and has come up with yet another entertaining video.

The video featuring AIB member Tanmay Bhatt and Mallika Dua, introduces a mock reality show ‘FML- Flirty Messaging League’. Bhat and Dua are the anchors of the show and are tracing the range of emotions that two unsuspecting youth go through, while trying to woo each other over texting. Thanks to the anchors, what could have been just another banal conversation between a girl and a boy, becomes rib-ticklingly hilarious. There’s the guy, who has always felt like a reject, with no girl (or autorickshaws or cats) giving him any attention and then there’s the girl, who thinks she deserves the best, but unfortunately is just another attention-starved young adult. ALSO READ: Lata-Sachin video: AIB comedian Tanmay Bhat demands money for insult, asks Snapchat to pay him after video goes viral

The two like each other but it’s not fun to just say that to each other. So they engage in an ‘intense’ game of FML as every one hangs on the edge of their seats, to see how it all ends. The video reaches its climax when the girl gets a text message from her ex-boyfriend (we all know how toxic those can be), which is described by Dua as a ‘code red situation’. However, all ends well, with the girl ditching the villainous ex and choosing the good-for-nothing ‘idiotic-but-sweet’ guy. The hilarious commentary by Bhat and Dua also takes potshots at the significance virtual ‘Likes’ and comments hold in the lives of youngsters today.