Malayalam actress Mamta Mohandas gave a surprise to all her fans by crooning an amazing song in support of the cancer patients. The actress who has also made her mark in Tamil and Telugu productions is also a singer. She sang for the cancer patients a new rendition of Christina Perri’s Jar of Hearts.

The pours her heart out in her song and does justice to the original version. Mamta is also a cancer survivor, and it is commendable that the actress today is full of confidence after her battle with cancer. She suffered from Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Not many people knew about her battle, she did chemotherapy sessions in 2010 and put on a brave face for the world.

But later in the year 2013 she had a relapse of cancer and underwent treatment again. She is definitely a fighter and people look up to her with admiration for the brave lady that she is. Watch Mamta Mohandas singing Christina Perri’s Jar of Hearts in the video below.