Among many terrible things that a woman on social media deals with, creep guys’ messages in her inbox is the one. While some prefer to ignore such perverts, some take efforts in teaching them a good lesson. Like this woman who goes by the name of Lash_13 on Twitter and was asked to send nudes by a creep. The guy even offered €30 (Rs 2300) to the woman for sending him the pictures. The woman didn’t refuse to send him the photos but what she did later will crack you up and also make you feel like patting her back.

She posted the screenshot of her conversation with the man in a tweet and that’s when the netizens realised how such creeps should be dealt with in the best possible way. Here’s the screenshot of her conversation:


Screenshots of the chat (Photo Courtesy: Twitter/ @lash__13)

She asked the man to transfer her the money before she sends the nudes. When the guy did, she bought herself food from the same amount, clicked its picture and sent it to him. Well, now that’s the right kind of savage! Check this out:

This is how netizens praised her for a great sense of humour and presence of mind while dealing with such douchebags online:

As women, it’s important to learn to choose our fights well. So, while it’s always peaceful to ignore and carry on, it becomes crucial to retort with aptness and quirk sometimes. We all are in this together!