Infidelity is undoubtedly one of the worst things to experience. But can an act of infidelity make you forget the basic rules of humanity? A video of an enraged man cheated on by his wife will make you question ‘infidelity or inhumanity’, which is the more horrific thing of the two. A disturbing footage of a naked woman covered in blood has left the netizens stunned. The man after finding his wife with her lover in bed lost his cool and brutally attacked them. The horrific video is recorded by the man’s friend as he continues to ‘punish’ his wife for cheating.

According to the Mirror report, the man is identified as Vasily belonging to Salavat, a city in Russian with the incident also apparently taking place in the same city of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The man attacked his wife, named Nadia after finding her in bed with her lover. The guy finding his wife cheating on him lost his cool completely. The video begins with the woman lying on the bed naked and bloodied. She is seen pleading her husband to not beat her as Vasily continued punching and kicking her in this gut-wrenching violent video.

“Please don’t. Please stop beating me,” says the battered and scared woman to the monstrous man who repeatedly keeps uttering, “What did I do wrong?” for her to cheat on him. He further tells her, “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. Did you think about children (when you slept with him)?” While Vasily beats his wife, his friend records the naked woman also hurling abuses to her.

The video also shows woman’s lover lying comatose on the floor, with a towel over him. He is also covered in blood. Nadia is constantly asking her husband that they should talk later. But there is no end to her ordeal as he seems in no mood to stop assaulting her. Police spokesman Maxim Rodionov has assured that strict action will be taken against the man and his friend in causing bodily harm to the two individuals. There were several individuals who had commented how this being a Muslim region in Russia and “Sharia law allows the beating such women with stones as punishment”. But the police force is adamant on getting the victims justice.