In an amazing video called Muslim hate in Australia | Social Experiment, a man inciting hatred towards Muslims and people of religions other than his own is shooed away. This social experiment was carried out by Talk Muslim in Australia. It is “proof that hate against Muslims is not welcome in Australia”.

When the youth tries to bring to notice the Muslim women wearing a burqa and hijab, or the men wearing traditional outfits and a skull cap, the Australian people on the streets (some of them might be foreign nationals) do every possible thing to explain to this man that this kind of behaviour is uncalled for. Girls and boys, men and women ask this man to go away, “Walk on!”

The guy is explained that everyone has the right to wear what they want to, just as he is wearing clothes of his choice. So, there is no hatred for Muslims in Australia, or anywhere in the world, really! But some radical Indians probably need to learn something from this.

Watch this amazing video!