In a bizarre incident, an Indonesian man marries both his girlfriends at the same time, because he couldn’t bear to watch either one of them get hurt. Can you believe he just proved “two is better than one”. In a viral video, the groom whose name remains unknown can be seen marrying two girls, each sitting next to him.

According to @makassar_iinfo on Instagram, the wedding ceremony took place at Dusun Pangkalan Padan in West Kalimantan. As per the reports, the man also paid the brides’ families a handsome amount as dowry. In Indonesia, it is a common practice for the groom to pay a dowry to the bride’s family. It is considered to be proof that the groom will be able to care for his bride.

Polygamy in Indonesia is also not a new concept. It is neither obligatory nor encouraged. A man taking up to four wives is considered mubah or “permissible” if a husband can be equally fair to all of his wives. Under Indonesia’s civil marriage laws, polygamy is tightly restricted. An Indonesian Muslim man must provide a consent letter from his first wife. Then, a religious court decides if the polygamous marriage can be granted, taking into consideration things like terminal illness or infertility of the first wife.

Watch the video here:

The video shows both women have no issues with this unique marriage.