Mumbai, June 29: A video gone viral on social media shows a man performing a dangerous and potentially life-threatening feat on the roof of a local Mumbai train. This video posted online shows the man standing on top of the roof of the train and crouching each time  an electric wire approached.

The high-voltage electric wire is extremely dangerous and even slightly touching it would result in death by electrocution. It is unclear as to when this stunt was performed. The authorities are trying to track down the youth but have been unsuccessful so far, due to the poor quality of the video, as per media reports. (ALSO READ: Mumbai locals disrupted: Trains on Western Line halted due to technical snag near Palghar)

After the video went viral, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) posted a message on Facebook, warning people of the dangers of such stunts and discouraged them from trying to attempt something similar.

This video seems to have been shot from a commuter on a parallel train when the two trains were crossing the Bhayandar bridge.

In 2011, a video went viral of a boy dangling from a train compartment. Soon after, a 14-year-old tried to attempt the same and fell to his death. This was one of the many deaths caused due to dangerous stunts.

According to an RTI filed by Chetan Kothari in 2012 revealed that over the past 10 year, i.e. from 2002 to 2012, more than 36,000 people have lost their lives and even more have been critically injured. Another data shows that out of the 8-10 people who die each day due to accidents on the Mumbai local, 2-3 deaths are caused by dangerous stunts.