Rajasthan is regarded as the hottest region in the country, and the past has recorded high temperature but have you ever witnessed anybody roasting papad on the sand of the state. Yes, you heard it right! A man was spotted in Marudhara district of Rajasthan roasting Papad on the hot sand.

Recently, a video has become viral on social media and has left netizens amazed. Previously also a similar kind of news went viral on the Internet when BSF Jawans were spotted roasting papad on the hot sand. They even said that they cooked rice also in a similar way and rice was prepared in three hours.

Check out at the video here

Rajasthan has recorded the temperature up to 45-degree, and the fierce heat also dries the wet clothes in few minutes. This video is also the proof of the summer temperature that is reaching heights with the maximum temperature.

Recently around 35 people were killed by the dust storm that hit the state of Rajasthan. A dust storm is very usual during the summers but such destruction of city and loss of life is very unusual.