A disturbing video shows an alleged phone thief being brutally punished by an angry mob in a Mexican city. The man was stripped naked and paraded through the streets with a rope tied around his neck. The angry mob vigilantes accused the man of stealing a kid’s mobile and lashed out their anger by punishing him in the most bizarre way possible. The man is seen crying as he is humiliated and assaulted by the mob and made to walk around the streets completed nude. The incident occurred in Paris Chiquito (Little Paris), where the locals were tired of all the increased number of thefts in the area.

The video of the shaming shows the man standing completely naked in the middle of the street as people stare down at him. They go on to drag him across the road as he struggles to reduce the pressure of the rope on his neck. The most jarring part of the incident is that the suspect has not been found guilty, but the public shaming even continued as many people took pictures and videos. The man initially tried to cover his genitalia, but the sudden and strong tugging of the rope forced him to try and adjust the rope.

Later the man has seen curling into a ball on the floor and crying as the crowd cheered and abused him. According to a report in the Mirror UK, the man has been identified as a 24-year-old local, Luis Hernandez Dominguez. Media reports revealed that the accused mother also hit him with a belt and yelled insults at him. The local authorities tried to calm the mob and take control of the situation and finally managed to persuade the mob after four hours.

This disturbing video has gone viral in Mexico

Even after handing over the man, some mob members charged at the police car. The man has been charged with robbery after reaching the police station. However, the violent and extremely bizarre behaviour of the mob member made people extremely uncomfortable and shows a nasty side of humanity. Even though the mob argued that the robbery cases in their area was on the rise, the use of violence and public humiliation is being condemned by some. (Edited By: Aishwarya Krishnan)