Tinder is undoubtedly one of the strangest people that are filled with fun and innovative people. The latest gem from the Tinder world is a man who has come up with the best way to make people swipe right! Jesse Mills Tinder profile has him stripping down naked and then has his skin pulled off in a hilarious series of pictures. the 23-year-old’s profile clearly has to be the best lesson on how to get girls (or anyone) to swipe right on the profile. The images of Jesse making women undress him by swiping right on the application have been going viral and are possibly one of the funniest series on the internet. Tinder Hookup Gone Wrong: Man Grabs Woman’s Breast During Consensual Sex, Gets Convicted For Assault.

We have seen weird tinder dates and conversation stories. Remember the guy who ended up with poop stuck in his window, thanks to his Tinder date? Or the infamous Tinder couple whose conversations went viral and allowed them to enjoy fun vacations in Bali? However, this profile is unlike anything we have seen and many argue that the guy maybe overdid the stripping. The Tinder Couple Who Spent 3 Years Talking to Each Other Finally Met On Good Morning America.

The tinder profile of Jesse Mills starts with a fully dressed picture of the guy with overcoat and scarf and has an instruction asking people to tap right to remove a layer of clothing. The second picture has Jesse comfortably posing in a sweater and some pants and the undressing option continues. In the third picture, Jesse is seen in some colourful boxers with some suspenders and a pair of knee-high socks. This cure picture once again gives an option of undressing him more which allows people to see him completely naked. Shocking Truth About Tinder Revealed! Here’s Why Women Takes Selfies From Above And Men From Below Angle.

While the guy could have left the story at this point and impressed many, he decided to show his humorous side by asking people to swipe right one last time to see him stripped off his skin and then finally shows a skeleton in the same backdrop. The post also shows an obituary of the 23-year-old which talks about his interests and hobbies. The man’s sense of humour clearly has a hint of darkness but the end result is bound to tickle your funny bone.

Watch video of Jesse’s Tinder Profile

This has to be one of the most hilarious and innovative ways to intrigue people into swiping right and the picture series is undoubtedly funny. While the stories of Tinder profiles range from being fun to creepy this is one profile that has people divided. Do you find this funny or do you think the guy overdid it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!