Women dream for an ideal husband but did any of us thought what is the right definition of ideal? Possibly who is kind, loving, caring and one who respects his wife and pampers her on occasion. We have spotted one such kindest man, who is all over the social media. His pictures are going viral for the sweet gesture he has done for his wife.

He stood for 6 hours in the flight so that his wife can sleep silently and comfortably. This is so romantic! The picture shared by a Twitter user Courtney Lee Johnson is liked by 16,000 users and retweeted 3,500 times. The caption reads as “This guy stood up the whole 6 hours so his wife could sleep. Now THAT is love.”

Netizens are hailing him for his kind gesture, the act of love and care towards his wife. A few of them can’t stop calling the wife selfish for making her husband stand for 6 long hours on the flight. Also, a few suggested that the man can keep her head on his laps.

Yes, we women love to be loved like this but this is beyond crazy. Why would we not let our partner sit? Let us know in the comment box below whether it is right to be loved like this or not?