Dhangarachi Mendhara

Ever heard a capella version of a Marathi song? Well, maybe you have, but we’re sure never of a classic film song. K C Loy Productions and Culture Machine (the company behind Being Indian) have attempted a capella of classic Marathi song Dhangarachi Menddhara. Watch it here, you will like it! The original song Dhangarachi Mendhara is from the movie Mala Tumchi Mhana with music by Ram Kadam and the lyrics by Jagdish Khebudkar.

Thank you guys for such an enormous response. Once again….K.C.Loy Productions in collaboration with Culture Machine… Posted by K. C. Loy on Monday, May 4, 2015

This video was shared on the page of K C Loy. He said, “Thank you guys for such an enormous response. Once again…. K.C.Loy Productions in collaboration with Culture Machine presents, specially for all you Facebookers ek JHAKKAS Capella version of Dhangarachi Menddhara with LYRICS. please note – ALL VOICES IN THIS TRACK ARE PERFORMED BY K.C.LOY.”

Enjoy the remixed version of the Marathi song Dhangarachi Menddhara here!