The bravery of the Indian Army can never be expressed in words and we can’t be more thankful for their dedicated service towards the country. Whenever a jawan dies, it does leave us teary eyes. Major Akshay Girish Kumar, Indian Army officer and a husband and a father martyred in Jammu in November 2016 after terrorists attacked his unit. He left behind his wife Sangeeta and 6-year-old daughter Naina and since his death, they are struggling with the loss.

To remember him, his daughter is seen recalling his father’s teachings about the Indian Army. A video of the daughter is now going viral on the internet where she talks about the bravery of Indian Army. The video is full of patriotism and it will leave your eyes moist.

In the video, she says, “Army is to make us love. Army is to fight with bad uncles. Army is to help us not get afraid. Army is some who does Jai Hind to everyone.”

The video has been shared by Akshay’s mother and it reads, “A year after Akshay’s martyrdom, Naina recollects conversations with her papa. Here she teaches us what ‘Army is…’ This random video captures innocence and faith. Love is an emotion. Her papa’s love for the Army and Countrymen also stays within her. Jai Hind. @adgpi.”

Watch the video here:

Netizens have been touched by Naina’s innocent words. One user wrote, “Dear Ma’am, She’s an exact replica of Akshay Sir, both in appearance and values. What a gem you’ve got. Sir must be proud and so are we. May Lord Shiva bless and protect her.” While the other gave her the blessings and wrote, “I cried a little. I am a father of a 3 years old myself and I can empathize. May Naina achieve best in her life.”

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6-year-old Naina remembers all the teachings of her father and the video just make us feel more proud of seeing such a brave daughter of the nation.