Mauka Mauka IPL 2015 video: Indian fans mock at Pakistan's absence in IPL 8!

The Mauka Mauka ad promo by Start Sports featuring the India and Pakistan rivalry drew a lot of attention during the ICC World Cup 2015. Inspired by the official Mauka Mauka ad, fans of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh made several videos on a similar theme, some of them spoofs. So what will happen to Mauka Mauka, now that the hullaballoo around the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is over after Australia won the trophy? Not to worry, the Indian Premiere League (IPL) 8 is here for cricket fans! And Shalom Films has played on the popularity of IPL to create another Mauka Mauka video.

The Mauka Mauka IPL 2015 video shows how India is really the baap of Asian countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka as far as cricket is concerned. In the video, fans of Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are seen laughing at India after its defeat in World Cup 2015 Semi-Final against Australia. (Also watch: Mauka Mauka video by Bangladesh fan trolls team India)

The Indian fan, although sad initially, simply removes his trademark Mauka Mauka World Cup T-shirt to reveal a tee for IPL 8!

The defeat of the World Cup 2015 is now in the past and India is ready to play the IPL 8 tournament, beginning April 8, 2015. Players of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka will also join in, but Pakistani players won’t as they are not allowed to by rules. Hence, Pakistani fans won’t have the Mauka to enjoy the dhamaka of Pakistan players in IPL 8, and this is exactly what the video makes fun of!

Ever since the first Mauka Mauka ad that showcased the electrifying rivalry between India and Pakistan at the onset of the World Cup 2015, the creativity and fun quotient in the new ads have only increased manifold! After the success of that first promo, there have been many response videos too uploaded by cricketing fans on YouTube and other social media sites, much to viewers’ delight. Watch the latest Mauka Mauka video, this time for the IPL! (Edited by Shweta Parande)