Advertisements have come a long way from just showcasing a product to making viewers relate to it. While 2014 saw of the best ads ever produced in India, 2015 too saw quite a few commercials that went beyond the obvious marketing strategies. So as 2015 comes to end, we thought of taking you through some of the best ads produced this year. Here are top 10 ads of the year.

1. Cinthol – Alive Is Offline

Since the inception of internet, it has come with a long list of words that has become the language of the World Wide Web.  In the busy world of emails and messages, we have forgotten what the words actually mean. This Cinthol ad will take you back to what the world outside our laptops and mobile phones look lie. The commercial is beautiful realization of the buffering web we are trapped and tweeting (birds) world we need to be in. (Also Read- Top 10 ads of 2014: The year when advertisement went beyond the obvious)

2. OLX

This OLX commercial is one of the heart touching ads of the year. OLX has always been known for always making an emotional appeal towards the audience. This is one such ad that defines the value of friendship and at the same time markets their product rightly.

3. Fevikwik – Todo Nahi Jodo

Fevikwik is yet another brand who is known for their brilliant ad making skills. This year again they followed their suit without disappointing their customers. Fevikwik’s ad on a hilarious moment at the Wagah Border between soldiers of India and Pakistan has been one of the entertaining ads of the year. Well, the tagline goes ,Todo Nahi Jodo, which also indirectly talks about the relationship between the neighbouring nations. (Also Read: The best ad that will make your day)

4. Micromax Unite Cricket Anthem 2015

Capturing the spirit of India during the 2014 World Cup, Micromax made this patriotic parody on the song Chale Cholo from Lagaan. The video is more than just an ad, Mircomax went a step ahead and showed their support along with the country’s love for the Indian team. The song has 9 artists who sang in nine different languages depicting the diversity in unity of the nation.

5. Mauka Mauka Star Sports (India vs Pakistan – ICC Cricket World Cup 2015)

Taking the cricket rivalry between India and Pakistan to another level, Star Sports made this hilarious ad titled Mauka Mauka, that took cricket lovers by storm.When the neighboring countries stood 6th time face to face during World Cup, even the commentators went Mauka Mauka. There were many spoofs and remakes of the ad by cricket lovers from across the country.

6. The Great Khali ad

This Ambuja Cement’s ad is one of the most hilarious ones of 2015. Dalip Singh better known as the Great Khali used of his strengths to show his weakness during his childhood. It was quite thoughtful of them to create a story line revolving around his house and how the cement helped not only but also his family in raising him up.

 7. JSW Steel- Will of Steel- Geeta Phogat’s story

Born and brought up in a patriarchal family of Haryana, this advertisement is the real life  inspiring story of Geeta Phogat who fought a lot of criticisms and her family to materialize her dream. The ad metaphorically compares the inner strength of the first Indian woman to win a gold medal in Wrestling at the Commonwealth Games, to the power of actual steel. This is one of the brilliant ads made in the year.

8. Havells Wire

Every year, there is one ad that talks about  home cooked food by mother and wins our heart. However, this year mothers did not impress us much, but a daughter did the job. Although this advertisement was not aired many-a-times of television, it had garnered praises on the internet. Havells, whose tagline reads ads, ‘Wires that don’t catch fire’ shows how a girl heats food for hr father in the cold of Jammu and Kashmir. This is one the emotional ads that can bring tears gushing to your eyes.

9. NESCAFÉ Cartoonist

Bringing dreams to reality is hard task for everyone. Especially when the dreams in a personal talent that you would like to materialize on a large scale. This Nescafe advertisement is one such video, which inspires people to live their dreams no whatever be the outer force that is stopping them. The ad portrays real life and how life does a summersault while we expect them to go on straight track.