Malayalees all over the world celebrated the monumental harvest festival of Onam on September 4, 2017. Onam is one of the most important festivals that is celebrated across Kerala and holds immense significance. One of the most important parts of the Onam celebrations has to be the preparation of the delicious Onam Sadhya which is served on a banana leaf. McDonalds India surprised its customers in Kerala and celebrated Onam with the most unconventional Onam Sadhya which consisted of burgers and different kinds of ketchup. A picture of this burger Sadhya was shared online by the brand and instantly became viral. Onam Sadhya Items That Make the Traditional Recipe of Kerala Festival a Hit.

The Onam Sadhya feast includes several types of dishes and is a multi-course vegetarian meal that features over 23-26 dishes served on a banana leaf. This Onam Sadhya meal includes Rice, Sambhar, Rasam, Parippu, Avial, Kaalan, Olan, Koottukari, Erissery, Kichadi, Pachadi, Pulisseri, Injipuli, Thoran and other south Indian delicacies. However, McDonalds came up with their own westernised version of the Onam Sadhya that was out on display at McDonald’s Thrissur. The McDonalds Onam special ‘Burger’ Sadhya had three different burgers with the basic vegetables and spices, and one side, French fries, some chicken nugget and their variety of sauces all plated on a banana leaf.

This unique Sadhya was loved by many McDonalds lovers who relished the idea of the fast food treat for Onam. Sadhya in Malayalam means ‘banqeut’, and the word Onam Sadhya stands for the wide variety of delicacies that are specially prepared for the feast. McDonalds version of this Onam Sadhya was clearly a favourite among the youngsters, and the picture of the Onam Sadhya became viral on the social media.

See Picture of Mcdonalds India’s Onam Sadhya

Onam is one of the most important festivals in Kerala and is celebrated in honour of King Mahabali who sacrificed his life for the well being of his people. While Onam is a 10-day festival, the most important day in this festive week is Thiruonam, which was celebrated on September 4. In addition to the delicious Onam Sadhya, people also decorate their homes with a floral carpet called pookolams and the festivity is nothing short of a grand carnival. McDonalds India’s attempt at celebrating Onam and adding their own touch clearly showed a new way of modernising the traditions and also eating different delicious delicacies in the celebratory spirit.