Meet Dr. Vishal Rao, an oncologist, and inventor, who invented a Rs 50 device to give a new voice to the throat cancer patients. The man is trying his part to help those in need and to give cancer patients their voice again! In India about 25,000 throat cancer cases are registered each year and 80 per cent of these throat cancer patients are from low socio-economic backgrounds. This invention by Dr. Rao will prove to be helpful for the 80 percentage of people who come in this socio-economic strata.

The ability to speak is not only used for communication, but it is also a basic human right to freedom, dignity, justice and peace.Dr. U S Vishal Rao came up with the voice prosthesis made with medical grade platinum cured silicon, an artificial device to enable a person without voice box to speak again.The ones that are available are about some 50,000. But to help people, Dr. U S Vishal Rao came up with a new prosthesis. Dr. Rao’s prosthesis surgery takes under some 15 minutes to complete.

Take a look at his success story in the India Innovates video by The Better India. Dr. Rao is an inventor of nine models and prototypes in the field of medicine. You can know more about the voice prosthesis and other details on the official website of Dr. Vishal Rao. Click here to log on to the official website.