The news of this Sharma Ji’s son is bound to make you hear a flurry of taunts from your parents again. According to a city supplement produced by the Indian Express, Harshit Sharma, a 16-year-old boy from Chandigarh has bagged a job offer from none other than the internet giant, Google. The bright teenager who has completed Class 12 from the Government Model Senior Secondary School (GMSSS) is offered a job of graphic designing from Google, with the salary package of Rs 1.44 per annum. But there are other conflicting reports also emerging which nullifies the existence of Harshit bagging any job offer from Google paying him Rs 12 lakh per month. The authenticity of the boy actually receiving an employment with Google is yet to be established.  Kanpur boy bags job at Google, cracks interviews at Flipkart, DirectI and he is not an IITian.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about ‘government school students’? In the majority of cases, the picture that forms in front of us is of barely competitive individuals with half-baked education. Well, if reports are to be believed, Harshit Sharma has shattered all such notions with his stupendous accomplishment. The boy from Chandigarh who is now hailed as ‘child prodigy’ and ‘wonder kid’ landed up his dream job by ‘searching for jobs online’. Yes, yes, it is believed that’s how he struck gold with Google. IIT Kharagpur student Abhishek Pant gets Rs 2 crore job offer from Google!

The Class 12 student who had taken Information Technology as one of the subjects in his high school, got selected by the search engine leader Google for icon designing. Harshit was quoted saying in the Hindustan Times reports, “I applied for this job in May, and was interviewed online. I have been interested in graphic designing for the past 10 years. I was selected on the basis of the posters I designed.”

According to early reports, if they are to be believed, Harshit has been asked to join Google by mid-August. He will be initially trained for one year. During this time, the young lad will receive a stipend of Rs 4 lakh per month. On completing the training, Harshit Sharma will receive Rs 12 lakh per month. It is no denial that this piece of news is making us immensely proud that a young boy is touching sky from our country but let’s not dismiss the amount of agony we’re feeling seeing our salary, which credited last day. Considering memes are the only thing which cheers us up instantly, enjoy few of Sharmaji Ka Beta Jokes and cry – sorry laugh.

1. Aise Kaise, Kyun, WHY, WHY!

Sharma Ji Ka Beta Jokes

2. Solah Saal Ki Umar Mein Google..Sob Sob

3. His Salary Be Like 1.44 Crore, Yours??

4. Sharmaji Ka Beta Be Like

5. Harshit Sharma From Chandigarh

Harshit lived with his uncle during the school time at Dera Bassi in the Mohali district, Punjab. Both his parents are teachers, and he has a younger sibling, brother who is studying in class 10. Ever since the government officials released the excellent news, his school and teachers cannot stop celebrating. School principal Indra Beniwal was quoted by HT saying, “Harshit is an all-rounder. He has brought laurels to our school,” while Deep Kiran, one of his teachers at GMSSS-33, described Harshit as a “brilliant student”.

As a matter of fact, job employment from Google followed by insane recognition is not the first time Harshit has proved his intelligence. Beniwal said Harshit had also received an award of Rs 7,000 under the Prime Minister’s Digital India scheme as he said, “our school got the smart school status in 2016. Harshit helped the teachers in various programmes, as he has a knack for technology,” she said. Kudos Harshit, Sharmaji Ke Bright Bete!