If you got talent and internet, nobody can stop you from showcasing your abilities in today’s world. With age not being a bar on the internet, the young and old have equal opportunities to learn and explore a plethora of topics. At an age most people sit back and relax, an 89-year-old in Japan is utilizing her passion for photography to the best of her ability. Kimiko Nishimoto who started photography as a hobby at the age of 72 is today an Instagram star. Her fun-loving persona and posing for daredevil pictures is what has caught the internet’s attention. She has over 40,000 followers on Instagram who praises her enthusiasm and encourages to regularly post her snaps.

Baddiewinkle 87-year-old internet sensation continues her cool legacy

Baddiewinkle 87-year-old internet sensation continues her cool legacy

The octogenarian who has three grandchildren and six great-grandchildren said that she got hooked on photography after being invited to join a local class. Ten years into photography, her first solo exhibition was held in her hometown. With the internet stardom, she has grown even more popular. Her photo exhibition held in December at a Tokyo gallery was so crowded that many fans were shut out to cope with the crowds.

Here are some of her popular Instagram pictures:

初登庁〜〜〜 (都庁なので)A post shared by 西本喜美子 (@kimiko_nishimoto) on

Self Portrait I shoot myself #自撮り #写真家 #面白写真A post shared by 西本喜美子 (@kimiko_nishimoto) on

Reportedly, Kimiko manages her social media handles on her own through her smartphone. Her son usually helps her set up some of the shots. Kimiko is not the only senior citizen who is grabbing eyeballs on the internet for her cool avatar. An 89-year-old American grandmother Helen Ruth Van Winkle had become famous on social media for her carefree pictures three years ago. Her Instagram handle ‘baddiewinkle’ has over 3.2 million followers. Another 70-year-old grandmom, Park Makrye from South Korea is popular on social media for her funny make-up tutorials.