There are some life changing stories that we come across on web, that inspire us to be a better person. This is one such story of Nursamawati Mahmud , who is a physically challenged lady giving us hope. In order to get ahead in life, she makes use of a smart phone and laptop just like the rest of us. But Nursamawati actually makes use of her tongue to do so!

Her disability restricts her to use only her tongue as she can’t make use of her limbs. But she does not need other people when it comes to assistance, she does it all on her own. She has the access to internet, type, makes and receives calls using her tongue. God always has a way of helping those with disabilities, and Nursamawati Mahmud is one person who does not let her physically challenged condition to bog her down. She loves to operate her mobile devices and makes sure she does not miss out on anything.

When the pictures of Nursamawati Mahmud smiling broadly and using the digital technology using her tongue surfaced online, within a short span of time it became viral. We look up to Nursamawati Mahmud for not giving up hope and grabbing every opportunity that life gives her. (ALSO READ: This one-armed bodybuilder will inspire you to hit the gym today!).