Transgender man who was a woman has won the Transgender Bodybuilding contest. Shawn Stinson is now the trans star on magazine cover boy on trans-culture magazine FTM. Shawn looks confident and relaxed posing with the trophy on the cover page of the magazine. You will be shocked to know that Shawn was not as confident as he is today, he was long back a depressive and suicidal boy.

Although Shawn was raised as a girl child, his mother always knew that he was different from the rest of them.Shawn did not like girly toys and preferred cologne over a fruity perfume that most of the girls at young age liked.

He always thought that he was born with the wrong body, that he feels is the definition of transgender. Shawn got his surgery done in the year 2007, post which he complete the hormone therapy.

Although he was a depressed suicidal boy, since he got his therapy done eh has not looked back ever since that day. He also joined the military which helped him with the transitioning. He has an impressive FTM Fitness blog, through bodybuilding he is trying to gel in with the other guys, but he says that he is proud to be trans.