Pune, November 22: Dr Ganesh Rakh is a man on a mission to save girl child in a unique way and has inspired many to stop female foeticide across the country. The initiative started three years ago and till date had saved 432 girls without charging a penny from the family for delivery of baby girl.

Rakh runs Medicare Hospital Foundation Trust hospital in Pune’s Hadapsar area in 2007 and in last eight years he is a well known person in the city.

If a newborn is a girl then Rakh doesn’t charges a single penny from the family members of the infant to deliver their service, above all the hospital staff distributes sweets to entire hospital and there is a celebration. Read Also: (Female Foeticide are the Leading Cause for an Importing Bride Market)

This is how Rakh, a son of a labourer from Maharashtra believes they are fighting with the problem of female foeticide which is one of the biggest issue in India. So far the hospital with 25 beds had extended this service to 432 baby girls.

Rakh, an experienced professional reportedly said, “People ask for discount when a baby girl is born and when a in case of boy the family pays bills and charges happily”.

Dr Rakh, a general physician, said that his decision initially received little response from his colleagues and other specialists working in the hospital.

Rakh said that this is just a start and claims more than 5000 doctors in India are following his foot steps.
Despite multiple awareness campaigns against female foeticide, and policy initiatives like the ban on sex determination of foetuses, India has failed to stop it which is also a serious crime in the country.

A 2012 United Nations report said India was the deadliest place in the world for a girl child and that Indian girl child aged 1-5 years was 75% more likely to die than an Indian boy.