Wuhan: Amid the recent coronavirus outbreak, many research studies have revealed that a greater number of men than women seem to contract the deadly virus, making them more vulnerable. A Business Insider report stated that an earlier study of hospitalized patients was made up of 68 per cent men.

“The average age of the patients was 55.5 years, including 67 men and 32 women,” a Lancet paper said, further establishing the pattern. World Health Organization officials have also said that majority of the patients are over 40 years old and it’s hitting those with underlying health conditions and the elderly particularly hard.

About 80% of people who died from the virus in China were over the age of 60, and 75% had pre-existing conditions such as heart disease or diabetes, according to a recent report from China’s National Health Commission.

A similar pattern can be found in the statistics on SARS, which affected more men than women.

With these facts emerging, researchers are now trying to determine what it is that makes men more vulnerable and seems to protect women and children. Well, many seem to suggest that it has something to do with immunity because immunologically speaking, men are the weaker sex. Globally too, women outlive men by an average of six to eight years.

The data has also led researchers to suspect that men have certain biological conditions that make them more susceptible to the virus, however, nothing’s been proven.

Meanwhile, about 94 new deaths from coronavirus have been reported from China’s Hubei province on Wednesday, taking the overall death toll to a staggering 1,110.