New Delhi: What do you do when your city gets flooded after three days of incessant rain? Whatever your answer is, but in all probabilities, it won’t be something like wading through the water in a side-slit red dress and posing in front of the camera, in an attempt to make people aware of the dire situation of your city on social media. That’s exactly what Aditi Singh, a student of the National Institute of Fashion Technology, did in Patna. A lot of accolades and brickbats are on her way.

The photos were shared on Instagram and Facebook by Saurabh Anuraj, the photographer.

Photoshoot bas Patna ke current situation ko dikhane ke liye kiya gyaa hai isko galat way me na le (This photoshoot was done to show the current situation in Patna. Don’t take it in the wrong sense),” he wrote on Facebook.

So, what’s wrong in this series of photoshoot? Social media is divided. Do you make everything sellable on social media? How insensitive is it to garner likes and celebrity status through the miseries of others? There are many places in Bihar where Aditi could not even have stood like the area is presently underwater.

“The intent behind the shoot was to draw public attention towards the floods of Bihar. When there are floods in other states, people from all over the country come forward to help. There isn’t much mention of the floods in Bihar, in both national and international media. If you share a normal picture of a flood on social media, people see it, comment ‘So Sad’ and move on. I wanted people to stop and look at the pictures, so I did a photo shoot,” the photographer added.

Right. The photos of an impeccably dressed woman in the middle of miseries have made people move and take a second look at the photo. One may moral-police the apparent insensitivity in selling people’s sufferings on an international platform. One may praise the duo for their out-of-the-box thinking. But at the end of the day, if among all the flood photos doing the rounds on social media, these photos have gone viral, then this speaks more about our insensitive attitude towards Bihar floods, not theirs.