Michael Jackson meets Bhangra on Britain's Got Talent: Watch Suleman Mirza and Madhu Singh rock MJ Tribute!

On Michael Jackson’s sixth death anniversary, we came across an archive Britain’s Got Talent video from 2010 that is the perfect tribute to the King of Pop – and especially so from his Indian fans. This uncut audition video from Britain’s Got Talent has dance group Signature rocking the stage, MJ style. But what’s great is that Suleman Mirza and Madhu Singh – the guys who form Signature – have added their memorable touch to it!

For the judges, including Simon Cowell, Suleman Mirza comes in as a solo performer, promising an MJ act. As he begins to dance, the judges love it!But, there’s more! In comes an Indian Sardar Madhu Singh, as if he is cleaning the floor. And as a fight ensues between the two on stage, the Sardar begins dancing! He does Bhangra like the way Michael Jackson may have done it!

Suleman and Madhu leave the judges enthralled with their act, and we’re sure you will love it, too! Watch Michael Jackson meets Bhangra on Britain’s Got Talent: Suleman Mirza and Madhu Singh rock MJ Tribute!