Seven-time world Formula One (F1) champion Michael Schumacher, who was injured in a life-threatening ski accident in a French resort, was put into a medically induced coma. June 16 reports say he has now come out of coma and been discharged from the Grenoble hospital and is out of danger.

Even though Schumacher is an experienced skier, he was travelling at a moderate speed until he fell and hit a rock. And the seriousness of the crash and injury seems to lie in the helmet camera that could have worsened the condition. Investigators believed that the camera weakened the structure since there was no fault with his skis. The skiing equipment was new and the bindings were also tested.

Schumacher was in coma and was monitored round the clock. Two days back, he was moved out of the intensive care unit of the Grenoble hospital to the rehabilitation ward. And now the F1 champion has woken up from the weakened condition and is out of hospital, though he will reportedly continue his rehabilitation at an undisclosed location.

Watch video of F1 champion Michael Schumacher skiing minutes before accident!