Former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama are hugely popular and revered even after vacating the office almost two years back. Last month, when their portraits were unveiled at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC, Michelle Obama had hoped that the painting would inspire young girls, especially girls of colour to achieve and look up to people like them. Her hope came true when a photo of a young girl looking awestruck at Michelle Obama’s portrait went viral and brought down the internet and eventually reached the former First Lady. On Tuesday, Michelle Obama finally met the little girl whose photograph of being awestruck by her portrait had gone viral and by the pictures and videos shared by her, it is debatable who made more of an impact on the other.

The little girl’s picture of admiring Michelle Obama was clicked by Facebook user Ben Hines who was at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery with his mother and standing behind the girl in the line. The picture went viral for providing inspiration to countless people across the world and eventually reached Michelle Obama who expressed a desire to meet the 2-year-old girl. The photo posted by Ben Hines on his Facebook page has been shared more than 35,000 times. On Tuesday, the little fan met her idol who in turn was completely mesmerized and taken in by the toddler. This Little Girl’s Photo of Looking up to Michelle Obama’s Portrait is Going Viral for Providing Inspiration

Michelle Obama posted a photo with 2-year-old Parker

Michelle Obama also shared a video of herself and the little girl dancing

Ben Hines’s photo that went viral

Michelle Obama’s portrait

As a young girl, even in my wildest dreams, I never could have imagined this moment. Nobody in my family has ever had a portrait – there are no portraits of the Robinsons or the Shields from the South Side of Chicago. This is all a little bit overwhelming, especially when I think about all of the young people who will visit the National Portrait Gallery and see this, including so many young girls and young girls of color who don’t often see their images displayed in beautiful and iconic ways. I am so proud to help make that kind of history. But the fact is that none of this would be possible without the extraordinary artist and woman behind this portrait, @asherald. Thank you, Amy – it was a joy to work with you and get to know you.A post shared by Michelle Obama (@michelleobama) on

The official portraits of Michelle and Barack Obama were unveiled last month at Washington’s National Gallery. Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald were the artists who painted the life-size portraits of the former First Couple of the United States.