Washington D C, Sep 1: Microsoft has announced new bundle for its Xbox One. The Xbox One Elite Bundle features the Elite controller and a hybrid 1TB SSD and HDD drive for the first time.

The console is matte finish and runs much faster than the previous one. It will be available at GameStops and Microsoft Stores this November. According to Microsoft the new device will help in booting up the system from energy-saving mode 20 percent faster. It also has features for hardcore gamers. Microsoft has named the new hard drive as ‘Solid State Hybrid Drive’, which means it ‘stores frequently-accessed files on a solid state partition.’ This bundle costs USD 499.

The controller which is termed as ‘Performance Class’ by the company will run on  Windows 10 PCs as well as the Xbox. (READ: Microsoft renames Xbox Music to Groove)

The Elite Controller comes with new features like Hair Trigger Locks and stainless steel paddles in its design. Controller is sold at USD 149.99 separately. In addition to these products, Microsoft also announced a new Lunar White Wireless Controller GameStop that will come to GameStops in September.