The Disney sensation and American singer Miley Cyrus has a strong following of 76.2 million and follows only 620 people, however, recently her Instagram account has been emptied of all its posts. Where Miley’s display picture used to be has been replaced with a black background.

Cyrus is an avid user of her Instagram and if we see how other celebs have also deleted pictures and then made major announcements, then we are probably looking at a big announcement coming our way.

Other major celebrities who have done this are Blake Lively, Taylor Swift, Justin Beiber and more. All the celebs did it for different reasons, however, some they were all done to be able to gather the attention of their fans towards a message or project.

See how her fans are reacting on social media:


Fans have been busy theorizing as to why the Wrecking Ball singer has done this and what may be coming their way. While some think that she may release a new album, song or a new look.

Her fans have been posting with the hashtag #Mileyiscoming in anticipation of her new single.

She is currently dating, The Last Song co-star Liam Hemsworth and he frequently appears in her Instagram posts.

Her Twitter account also shows a black background instead of a display picture and the same goes for the background.