The internet has gone gaga over a cute video of a military dad’s reunion with his son. It was a normal day for an 8-year-old Luca, until his military dad, Rob Cesternino surprised him with an unexpected homecoming after 10 months of duty with the Tennessee Army National Guard.

A soldier’s homecoming is always very emotional for the family. The video shows Luca practising Taekwondo with a blindfold and all of a sudden, his father comes in and starts practising with him. Luca doesn’t realise it’s his dad until he hears his voice. He tears off his blindfold and jumps into his father’s arms and cries.

Luca was aware that his dad would be home soon after being deployed in the Middle East, but it wasn’t until the following week, so when it happened he couldn’t believe it. Now, the video of the emotional reunion is going viral.

Watch it here:

The video, shared by Austin Perine’s Facebook page on Thursday, has received 8.7K views.

FB users got emotional after watching this video and one of them commented, “I was alright until his daddy said “you were such a good boy when I was gone. I’m so proud of you.” 😭😭😭”.

Watch the full video here: