As the Minister of External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj has certainly done quite a few commendable deeds in the country. She is one of the most active ministers on social media and completely changed the way NRIs interacted with the top echelon of the country. She is available to anyone and there’s just no waiting if you want her help. What’s more, not only does she promise but she even delivers on those promises. She’s just the person to go to if you’re abroad and ever caught up in some difficulty. From lost passports to helping Indians get out of troubled waters, she’s done it all and how! Her actions are truly commendable and she’s one of the most proactive ministers we know.

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So then, when her fame as Agony Aunt (who does give great solutions) began to spread all over the world, she began to get more and more tweets with people asking for assistance in all sorts of matters. While there are many she has successfully resolved, there are some here she could do nothing as the mater was not her responsibility. Yet, she’s always polite and sees to it that she sends an adequate response to the person – in the same strain the person tweeted to her. If you think you can take her on and make a troll out of her, she knows just how to respond to shut you up! Remember the entire Samsung refrigerator tweet exchange where Samsung delivered a faulty refrigerator to a person and he asked her to help with replacement? Her response completely bowled us over!

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But this time around, it is not someone trying to joke around or take a dig at Sushma Swaraj but rather a lady in genuine distress. The lady by the name of Sujatha and the Twitter handle @SujathaSuukri reached out to Swaraj over the micro-blogging site asking her to help bring her errant husband in line. She sent a series of tweets to Swaraj lamenting how her marriage was about to fall apart and she now had no idea how she could cope. Unfortunately for Sujatha, the blow landed right after her mom passed away. According to the tweets, when she was returning from her mother’s funeral, her husband sent their son a picture of his in close embrace with another woman. And well, the scumbag that he completely sounds like, he threatened to leave her.

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Sujatha has been married to him for 23 years and believed she had a happy marriage so far. But naturally, she is completely disturbed seeing the pictures. Still needing proof that he was cheating on her, the moment she got home, she even checked his phone for calls and messages and discovered that he had erotic messages and pictures from the girl on his phone. She tried hunting for the girl through TrueCaller and to her horror discovered that when she was in India, the girl was in India too and was in Delhi. However, unfortunately, she could not find the identity of the girl. She is a doctor and is awaiting appointment in Kuwait. She’s entirely dependent on her husband for now and is petrified that if he ditches her, she won’t be able to sustain.


She sent a series of Tweets to Sushma Swaraj (and later deleted them) begging the Minister for External Affairs to step in and help save her marriage. Unfortunately, Swaraj couldn’t do anything and admitted that she was completely helpless when it came to such errant husbands. Quite a polite and a great response from Swaraj. Also, Swaraj was not her first choice. Sujatah had initially tweeted to Kiran Bedi to help her out of the issue and when there was no response, she appealed to Sushma Swaraj. Perhaps disappointed by Swaraj’s response, she deleted her tweets. However, Sujatha’s efforts still continue. She has now approached Suhel Seth @suhelseth, leading Indian columnist. Her appeal stays the same. We do applaud Swaraj for her diplomacy and hope that Sujatha is able to mend the ways of her husband and save her marriage!