In what looks like a medical miracle, a baby’s brain tumour spontaneously shrinked when Pope Francis kissed the baby. Yes, you heard it right, when Pope Francis was visiting Philadelphia, during the procession; the Pope kissed a one-year-old Pennsylvanian baby named Gianna. Little baby Gianna was battling with the brain tumour since the day she was born. But soon it was found out that the baby who had brain tumour, witnessed miracle post meeting the Pope.

Doctors had tried to shrink the tumour, but nothing changed for the kid suffering from brain tumour until two months back the Pope kissed the one-year-old during a procession in the streets of Philadelphia. Although it is unbelievable but the one-year-old baby’s brain tumour got affected by a kiss from Pope Francis. The incident took place in the month of September when one-year-old Gianna met the Pope during a procession in the United States.

Her parents, Joey and Kristen Masciantonio took the little baby who was suffering from brain tumour to the Pope and what happened next is nothing but miraculous. The parents are thankful about the unlikely miracle that took place and they treat this as a message from God.(ALSO READ: Miracle! When 2-year-old baby without brain said ‘Mummy’ for first time on his birthday)

The couple tried to get the pope to kiss Gianna when he was in the USA during a procession. Post which the parents Joey and Kristen Masciantonio of one-year-old Gianna say that her tumour has reduced in size dramatically and she is getting better and stronger.(ALSO READ: Man records Virgin Mary’s lips MOVING at St Charbel’s church)