Kara McCullough a 25-year-old scientist at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission would have become the Miss USA 2017 on Sunday evening but her ideas on feminism and health care have sparked a huge debate. While she was widely praised for sporting her natural curls despite the trend of smooth hair, her answers to questions asked by judges have led to a social media outrage with people questioning her thoughts on the topic. When asked about health care in relation to job creation, Kara who was competing as Miss District of Columbia said that it was a privilege. She said, “I am definitely going to say it’s a privilege.”

Explaining she said, “As a government employee, I’m granted health care. And I see firsthand that for one, to have health care, you need to have jobs, so therefore we need to continue to cultivate this environment so that we’re given the opportunities to have health care as well as jobs for all Americans worldwide.” She also said that she preferred the term “equalism” over “feminism” and said that women and women have equal opportunity in US workplaces. She further said, “I don’t really want to consider myself – try not to consider myself like this die-hard, you know, like, ‘Oh, I don’t really care about men.” She also said that she wants more women to see more women in government science roles. Her comments majorly received backlash on the social media while some chose to stand by her opinion. American TV star Farrah Abraham’s Indian attire at MTV Awards 2017 leads to social media outrage

Here is how social media responded to her opinion:

And here is how people who supported her thoughts responded:

Republicans have been opposed to Obamacare since it was first proposed in 2009. Donald Trump’s administration has been trying to overturn Obamacare which aims to extend insurance coverage to the 15 per cent of Americans who do not have it. Earlier this month, the lower chamber of the US Congress passed a new health care act that according to Democrats will leaves millions uninsured.

Kara McCullough was crowned Miss District of Columbia 2017 at the capital’s pageant in December 2016. McCullough held the title of Miss SC State University 2012-2013 with the platform ‘Keep Your Coins, Inspire for Change’.