Dogs and humans truly have a strong connection between them. From waiting eagerly for their humans to return home to looking after newborns, dogs are quite special in the pet squad. When there is a baby at home, dogs know that the little one needs more attention and it pours in all efforts to keep the baby safe. They also understand when humans start paying more attention to babies and will do all things possible to get back all the popularity in the house. Here is one such video, where a mom tries to teach her baby how to say ‘mama’, while the baby fails, Patch, the dog attempts saying and almost gets it right. The Australian shepherd is quite talented. While the woman laughs at the dog’s ability, the dog goes saying ‘mama’ repeatedly.

However, the baby is not quite happy with Patch’s abilities and tries to gain mom’s attention. In the adorable video, the little boy frustrated of the canine, tries to pipe down the dog, but in vain. The family has been very happy to have Patch which not only speaks but also takes care of the family members. Once when the kid’s grandmother had met with an accident, it was Patch who helped her recover with his care. He also used to alert the families of any seizure she might have due to the injuries. Quite a talented dog, it seems. Australian shepherds are known for being the smartest dogs. They are also popular for their abilities in flying disc competitions among others. This abandoned dog today has full-time job at a Brazil gas station!

Watch the ultra cute video here: