Moral Policing — it’s no coincidence that under the current government, these crimes are on the rise. Who can forget the infamous pub incident in Mangalore circa 2009, when a bunch of goons representing the Sri Ram Sena barged into a pub and beat up men and women under the pretext that they were ‘ruining Indian culture’. These goon squads are back in action and have been given a free license to go around town and terrorize couples around town; beating them, calling their parents etc.

These crimes have been on the rise, especially in places where the current government has a significant hold. It is bound to increase along with the price rise, which has left the common man teary eyed. Can things ever improve? The police have also capitalized on the situation and the recent events at Madh Island further explain how hideous this nexus is. Beware, there is more to come. Here they are, in Mangalore again, storming into a house and attacking young boys and girls. A boy is stripped and slapped to pulp while being verbally abused the whole time. Watch the full video below: