The extremist terrorist organisation ISIS has ravaged the world and struck terror within each heart. Paris attacks was the first time they targeted a developed nation and they did manage to get their message across loud and clear. Promoting Jihad, Islam (or atleast their convoluted, extremist version of it), destroying the historical artefacts, suduing women and sreading terror seems to be their main aim for now. There have been many revolts against ISIS with many armies tracking them and killing the terrorists. However, their reign is still at large and they continue unabated. While many citizens are tearing their hair wondering how to counter the terror that seems to be present everywhere, this one lady has gone ahead and started her small but definite crusade against ISIS.

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Morehshin Allahyari is a new media artist who was born in Iran and then moved to USA. Currently a Lecturer at San Jose State University and the Co-Founder and Assistant Curator in Research at Experimental Research Lab at Pier9/Autodesk, Morehshin creates 3D images and printing at AutoDesk. When she first saw the ISIS terrorists destroying ancient artefacts in the Mosul Museum, she decided to create the same artefacts again using 3D printing technology which would not give the same feel but that would definitely help the generations in understanding how they were and the importance of preserving artefacts.

Also, she does not only recreate these artefacts but each ancient piece comes with a USB key that gives all details of the artefact and it’s past value that has been compiled after extensive research and after collaborating with many historians, archaeologists and museum staff. Take a look at her efforts.

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