Former US president Barack Obama features thrice in the most retweeted tweets of 2017 list and Donald Trump, the present US president who is very active on Twitter, is not on the list. Obama’s tweet which got lots of retweets was posted by him during the white nationalist rally in August. During the same, a 20-year-old was arrested for allegedly running a car into car crowd of anti-racism demonstrators. Obama’s tweet was in response to the same incident and was retweeted for 1.7 million times and has 4.5 million likes on it.

Donald Trump who is at the top of the list of most talked about global elected leaders is absent from 10 most retweeted tweets or the most liked tweets list whereas Obama features thrice in most RT list and two times in most liked tweet list. What is important to note that Obama and Trump use their Twitter handles very differently. Obama has around 100 million followers and occasionallyy tweets during major events but always garner headlines and massive retweets. And on the hand, Trump has 44 million followers and tweets almost daily.

Twitterati Goes Berserk After BBC Airs Amitabh Bachchan's Footage Instead Of Shashi Kapoor While Reporting His Demise

Twitterati Goes Berserk After BBC Airs Amitabh Bachchan's Footage Instead Of Shashi Kapoor While Reporting His Demise

The most retweeted tweet of 2017 is in the post by a teenager. The teenager named Carter Wilkerson tweeted about how she wanted free chicken nuggets from Wendy’s.  And the second person who got the most retweets is none other than the former president of USA. Other Twitter handles who got most  RTs are Ariana Grande, Linkin Park, and basketball player among others.

If you want to know the top 10 Retweeted tweets of 2017, then check out here:

1. 18 million was her and she got whopping 3.6 million RTs

2. Obama stands second with million RTs

3. It’s great to see when important tweets are retweeted

4. Ariana’s response after the massacre at her concert got many RTs

5. Obama features again on the fifth position

6. This picture was tweeted post band’s lead Chester’s demise

7. The basketball player called Trump bum and got massive RTs

8. The goodbye tweet by Obama was retweeted several times

9. One of the best social services

10. Very vital message got good number of RTs by tweeple

The microblogging site Twitter may be the favored platform for Donald Trump but he is not that popular it seems. Trump’s most retweeted tweet of 2017 was his July tweet which included a video of him wrestling with a man with a CNN logo that was imposed on his head. The tweet got around 3 lakh RTs which is quite less to make to the top RT lists. What are your views on this topic? Let us know in the comments below.