The LGBTQ community has to overcome many obstacles and win many battles not only in coming out of the closet but to convince their family, friends,and society to accept them for their choice and not marginalize and outcast them for their sexual preference. A brave son decided to come out to his mother and reveal his sexuality to her. The mother was confused on how to best respond to this big news an dher gay son’s revelation so she decided to call up a gay bar for advice on how best to respond. She rang a gay bar and the bartender – Kara Coley – picked up the call and was surprised to find that the woman was anxious to get some advice on what he really wants from his parents at this age. The bartender’s heartwarming reply is a must read.

The bartender, Kara Coley took to Facebook and posted the entire phone conversation between her and the gay son’s mother. At first, she was confused when the mother asked her personal stuff about her own sexuality but as soon she found out the real reason behind the questions she helped give the perfect advice to the mother. Kara Coley’s Facebook post has gone viral for all the right reasons and people on social media can’t help gushing about it. First Dates Ireland Showcased First Same-Sex Sign Language Date and Melted Hearts Across the Country, Twitterati Applauds the Show (Watch Video)

Read the entire Facebook post here:

Kara Coley was pretty surprised at the phone conversation but was very happy to know that the concerned mother was accepting her son for his sexual choices. She wrote on Facebook, “17 years of bartending in gay bars on the coast! That’s definitely a first for me!”