This Mother’s Day around the globe we have seen Internet filled with pictures where everyone is wishing their mothers on the special occasion. One thing for mothers that connects a child and mother is the mother’s love and the other is food that our mothers cook.

In a bid to celebrating diversity, inclusion and global citizenship, Western Union–branded payment services company have conducted a worldwide survey of citizens across the globe and within India to find out what do people prefer. Exploring a theme that crosses geographic, socio-economic and cultural boundaries – a shared love for home-cooked food and treasured family recipes, passed down from generation to generation, evolving along the way.


Mothers Day 2018: Celebs Amitabh Bachchan, Varun Dhawan, Priyanka Chopra, Soha Ali Khan, Mahesh Babu and More Wish Their Moms (Pics)

Mothers Day 2018: Celebs Amitabh Bachchan, Varun Dhawan, Priyanka Chopra, Soha Ali Khan, Mahesh Babu and More Wish Their Moms (Pics)

Western Union spoke to foodies from across the country to uncover some really interesting insights while polling social media users and influencers across their network. The company also connected with some of the leading food bloggers across the globe about the amazing recipes they have inherited from their moms in celebration of Mother’s Day, how they’ve evolved over time and what that says about the relationship between food, culture, and heritage.

Findings from the survey highlighted that ‘It is the mom all the way as the primary chef in the house’, with 76% of respondents stating that they would prefer their mom’s cooking over going to a restaurant while 72% said that their mom was the primary cook at home. Passing down of family recipes is a long-standing tradition with 66% respondents saying that they cook family recipes that were passed down from their mom.

As we have moved out from the comfort of our homes in pursuit of achieving our goals, we have learned to fend for ourselves. We miss a lot many things that come with the joy of living at home, but what all of us miss the most, is our mother’s cooking! The everyday rigmarole of either ordering in or attempting to fix something up on our own often leaves us craving for the comfort and taste that one can only find in a mother’s home-cooked meals.

Western Union recognizes food as a natural connecting point across cultures and one of the primary reasons why people send money. Like funds, food is not just a vital necessity – it is also a way to show affection, to celebrate traditions and create lasting memories.

As popular influencer and foodie at heart, Himanshu Sehgal, of @myyellowplate says, “I tried cooking Butter Chicken with a little help from my mother another day. It turned out good, but nothing like what she cooks. My mom’s Rajma Chawal and Shahi Paneer are my favorite recipes of all times and, not surprisingly, it has been featured on My Yellow Plate more than once!”

As a company that moves money to over 200 countries, Western Union believes that food connects the world – and who better to celebrate with this Mother’s Day but those who add magic to every meal, Moms!