For the uninformed, Haka is a traditional Maori war dance. It has been popularized by the New Zealand Rugby side — the most successful side in team sports — when all the squad players stand near the halfway line and perform the Haka. It is led by a leader, who sends out instructions as his teammates prepare themselves to dance.

Here, again in New Zealand, in a wedding reception, the groom’s friends unite to perform the Haka. This is a longer version of it, which runs for nearly three minutes. The ones performed by the marauding World Champions — Ka Mate and Kapo O Pongo — lasts for barely 90 seconds. The passion with which the ladies and gentlemen perform the act is hard to miss. With their eyes popping out, tongues sticking out, perched on their chin, it is sight to behold. Other then the cricket team, players from other sports all sides also perform the Haka before the start of the game.

There are more members who join in as the Haka is bing performed. The bride is in tears, touched by the gesture of her friends. Actions speaks louder than fancy gifts and this is a perfect example of that. What a hair-raising experience it might have been to the ones witnessing it. Take a look below: