Road accidents can be fatal and more so for two-wheeler drivers who at times do not wear helmets, and despite warnings from the transport department, flout the rules and endanger themselves along with others. In order to ensure that people follow the rules, the Transport Department in Madhya Pradesh has come up with a unique idea.

Now two-wheeler buyers will have no other option, as it has become mandatory for them to buy two helmets and show the receipt to the transport department if they want their vehicles to be registered.

“Keeping in mind the safety of two-wheeler driver and companion, we have issued directions to sellers to provide two helmets to new vehicle buyers in the state including Bhopal. Transport Department officials have also been directed not to register any vehicle without seeing the receipt of purchase of two helmets,” Transport Commissioner Shailendra Shrivastava said after issuing the directive about the mandatory purchase of two helmets on Thursday.

“The court had issued direction in this regard. Thereafter, the Transport Department had also directed to ensure the implementation of the order on September 5, 2014. Inspite of this, the orders could not be followed,” Shrivastava said.

Citing the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, the Transport Commissioner said: “One would only be allowed to wear a helmet made under Bureau of Indian Standards’ recommendations following safety concerns.”

With IANS Inputs