The India vs. England match held on January 15, 2017, was an iconic match as it had Virat Kohli leading the ODI (one day international) team and our favorite Captain Cool; Mahendra Singh Dhoni was a part of the team as the wicket-keeper. However, there were moments in the match when MS Dhoni forgot that he was no longer the captain when they took the field against England. The former Indian captain asked for a review in his old style and captain Virat Kohli stood by his review. ALSO READ: India vs England: Changed my batting order for team; will do so again, says MS Dhoni.

A video shared by the Twitter user, Vinay Mani Tripathi captured this moment in the match. The video shows an ecstatic MS Dhoni asking a review for the umpire’s decision. This episode took place when MS Dhoni caught the ball from behind Eoin Morgan. The umpire’s first decision was a not out and the confident Dhoni appealed for a review. An appeal for review or DRS (Umpire Decision Review System) is generally made by the fielding captain when he is not satisfied with the umpire’s decision. When captain Virat Kohli saw Dhoni appealing, he stood by the wise and confident wicket keeper’s decision and asked for a review. ALSO READ: Sushant Singh Rajput’s big revelation about MS Dhoni! Says he gossips a lot!

The review paid off as Dhoni was proved to be right and the England captain, Eoin Morgan, was asked to leave! This episode was bittersweet for all Dhoni fans, but we couldn’t help but feel proud of Kohli’s confidence and his efforts to stand by Dhoni. This event also proved that although Dhoni is no longer the captain, his experience will be beneficial for India in the matches to come!