Mahendra Singh Dhoni announced his retirement from captaincy in the ODI and T20 and left the world stunned. The Indian wicketkeeper–skipper, has led the Indian team for more than nine years and made some incredible records. While this news left us all shocked, the captain cool announced that he will still play for the team. MS Dhoni has always been known as the captain cool, for various reasons. His hilarious comments on the field, have left us in strokes when caught on the mike. The Indian squad boomed under his captaincy. More than a good captain, we remember Dhoni because of his charm. He is an incredible human being, who believed in making people smile and believed in them. One of the best stories to highlight the captain’s humility is when he met Pakistani model, Mathira Mohammad. ALSO READ: Mahendra Singh Dhoni one of the Finest Indian Cricket Captains: Four captaincy records by wicketkeeper-skipper Dhoni.

The Pakistani model shared her encounter with the Indian captain recently, and it highlighted the nice hearted person that Dhoni is. The model lived in the same hotel as the Indian and Pakistani Cricket team during the Asia Cup that was held in 1998. The excited young model tried to get an autograph from her favourite Pakistani cricketer. However, the security showed her the gate and warned her.

It was around this time that Dhoni noticed the happenings and the captain gave her an autograph and sat by the disheartened Mathira and tried to cheer her up. While MS Dhoni came a long way from that match, his humility and his respect towards cricket fans are still intact.