Mumbai: A case of cyber-crime was busted in Mumbai after a man was arrested for impersonating women and creating their fake Facebook profiles offering webcam sex services.

As per the police, the page sold a ’40-minute nude webcam session’ for Rs 1,000 and a ’20-minute nude video call’ for Rs 1,500. The man would then impersonate these women, and extract money from customers.

However, this plan couldn’t go on any longer as a Facebook user came across pictures of his friend, who is an event manager by profession. He was shocked to discover her fake profile circulating on Facebook with her pictures advertising webcam sex services and immediately informed her.

The woman and her husband then approached cyber crime expert Shubham Singh to find the culprit.

“I found that the person operating the page would accept payment only through online wallets. I posed as a customer and convinced him to give me his bank account number to transfer him the money,” Singh told the Indian Express.

Laying a trap, the police used the bank account number that the accused provided and found an Aadhaar card as well as a mobile phone linked to it.

The accused was subsequently identified and arrested on Monday. Upon investigation, it was found that the accused was operating at least three similar accounts.