We all will agree to the awkward feeling we get when we have to wait for our food delivery to arrive. We count every second with baited breath and look at the door- like million times. So instead of tirelessly waiting for the food to arrive, a Mumbai resident decided to check the status of his delivery. What transpired next has left many on the Internet in splits.

In a series of tweets posted on July 22, Shadwal Srivastava, a Mumbai resident took to Twitter with screenshots of the rather interesting conversation he had with an executive from food ordering and restaurant search app Zomato. The chat could easily double up as Hindi lessons, as Srivastava decided to engage in a conversation to check the delivery status with the executive in Shudhh (pure) Hindi.

Surprisingly, the Zomato executive decided to reply in the same way, which resulted in a very hilarious conversation between the two.

Take a look:

If you’re wondering what happened next, here’s what followed:

Must say, the conversation between the two is pure gold. People on Twitter are mighty impressed with this camaraderie over speaking shudhh Hindi, which instead comes as a whiff of fresh air.

Check out the reactions here:

Shadwal Srivastava’s initial tweet has garnered over 3500 likes and has been retweeted over 1800 times.