Indians are always ahead in conserving and celebrating their cultural traditions, and it has been observed that they can go to any extent for it. Children seems to be most exited when they are offered with the responsibility to showcase country’s culture and make it proud. But, this comes as a surprise when the practice session takes place in an OPD of a civic hospital.

Call it a showcase of culture, or love for the tradition, three children took the courage to practice in the Out Patient Department (OPD) of a renowned hospital in Mumbai on March 2. Surprisingly, the song that three girls chose was the famous Marathi chart-buster hit — Shaanta Bai. Though, in the video it is seen that women dressed in traditional attire were crossing in between, the three minor girls care least about that and continued their practice. ALSO READ: Zayn wows with his Tron-inspired look in futuristic Like I Would video

Though some might looks this an inserious behaviour, pertaining to risk the patients’ lives, there are other who see that this type of events brings happiness and hope among the ailing patients who are fighting to get well soon. Whatever people might think of this incident, atleast it brought some happiness in the hospital, known only for bad news. Here is the video.