Mumbai on Hangovers: The night after you've had one too many! (Watch video)

How do you get rid of hangovers? Or why have them at all? Can’t drinkers control their drinking? Or better still, not drink at all? These are some of the dilemmas faced by people who love to drink. And viral videos maker Being Indian talks to them in their video Mumbai On Hangovers to know how their mind works.

Mumbai’s youngsters, many of whom are fond of drinking, talk quite openly about their drinking habits in this vox pop. Being Indian also manages to talk to a Bollywood comedian, who says on drinking and hangovers, “If you don’t wanna lose, don’t bet”. People offer tips like not mixing drinks and stuff in order to avoid a hangover. Are you one of those who has a hangover, too? Well then don’t miss this video!

Watch it and have a good laugh, just like you did when you watched the Hangover movie series! (ALSO SEE: Things Muslims are tired of hearing from non-Muslims! Being Indian video)