Mumbai, Aug 18: Mumbai Police has a way of turning memes and social media challenges into thought-provoking messages for the layman and its latest take on the ‘Momo Challenge’ is something that has caught the eye. Seeing the imminent threat of the deadly Momo Challenge, Mumbai Police took to Twitter to raise awareness among the people regarding the same. (Also Read: New Suicide Game ‘Momo Whatsapp Challenge’ Grips The Internet)

The challenge went viral on social media platforms after the death of a 12-year-old girl in Argentina, was reported by the Buenos Aires Times earlier this month. The Mumbai Police has issued a warning against the suicidal game saying “How about interacting with us on the widely know #Dial100 than on unknown numbers, to beat the challengers in their own game!” They also started the hashtags trend #NoNoMoMo and #MomoChallenge and wrote a catchy statement which read- “Not all Momos are meant to be consumed”.

For those still wondering what the Momo Challenge is all about- the challenge dares and encourages children to engage in a series of violent acts that end with suicide. As reported by ‘The Sun’, the Momo account is connected to three numbers in Japan, Mexico, and Columbia. Although no such case related to Momo Challenge has surfaced in India, police are taking no chance in spreading awareness about the same so that fatal situations can be prevented.