The torrential Mumbai Rains have kept Mumbaikers inside their houses today. However, they did not miss to witness the heavy rain pour in the city and soon #MumbaiRains started trending on Twitter. Twitterati has been sharing the photos and videos of the heavy rainfall. One video that took the internet by storm is when a skyscraper turned into a waterfall. Yes, you heard us right! The building at New Cuffe Parade can be seen gushing down the water so much that it resembles a waterfall.

The video has been shared by a Twitter user named K Sudarshan and he captioned it as, “Waterfalls in New Cuffe Parade! #MumbaiRains”.

The video which was shared today afternoon has gone insanely viral and has fetched over 498 retweets and 1.3K likes so far.

Watch the viral video here:

Many Twitter users have reacted to the video and many have suggested that it is not because of the rain rather a water tank burst that leads to such a waterfall. One user wrote, “This is a criminal waste of a precious resource. Why can’t the society install a rainwater harvesting structure to utilize the water for groundwater recharge?” while the other commented, “Move over China. Mumbai has its own waterfall building.”

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Several areas in Mumbai are water-logged and air and train services have been affected. The BMC has directed the citizens to stay indoors as India Meteorological Department has issued a red alert due to heavy rains in the city.

The Santa Cruz department of IMD recorded over 131.4 mm rains between Monday and early hours of Wednesday which account for nearly one-third of the total amount of rainfall expected in the month of September.